Nothing all good, nothing all bad!

Our guest speaker ( march 2011) was Gill Huntingdon, dietician from Nevill Hall. Her role as a dietician means that she works with many different people, different age groups and with a variety of illnesses.

Her lively and friendly discussion centred on the eat well plate. Gill’s favourite saying is nothing all good, nothing all bad and went on to tell us that even small dietary changes can affect everyone.

Gill emphasised everybody’s individuality and that we should recognise the need to discuss all health issues with the professionals before trying anything new.

Gill discussed the sections of the plate with us and then we defined portions of food……..

starchy carbs …include bread, pasta, cereal and rice. We get alot of energy from these items. Many of these foods are processed so consider buying wholegrains or basmati rice etc then we would improve our intake of high fibre foods.

fruit & veg …we should eat at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. A portion of fruit could be described as the size of an apple or a breakfast cup full. A portion of veg would be 3 tablespoons full. A portion of salad would be a small bowl full.

milk & dairy products …we should try to have at least a third of a pint of milk, semi skimmed or skimmed if possible. A portion of cheese would be the size of a small matchbox! And of course we would try to eat the low fat option.

meat, fish, beans, eggs & other non dairy sources of protein … A portion of meat would be equivalent  to the size of a playing card! We should try to add more oily fish to our diets perhaps eating it 2 – 3 times a week as this has been proved to reduce the stickiness of blood, oily foods will help protect our blood vessels.

fluids …we should try to drink at least 6 – 8 mugs or 8 – 10 cups of fluid a day (unless you have other medical problems and then your doctor will advise you).

alcohol …women are allowed 2 – 3 units a day & men are allowed 3 – 4 units. Everyone should try to keep free 2 days alcohol free weekly so that the liver can repair itself. A unit of alcohol is equivalent to a small glass of wine.

Remember to eat small, regular meals throughout the day and kick start the day with a breakfast.

Many thanks to Gill for taking time out to come and chat with us, sorry camera is broken so no pics…..


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