Old type devices

Our guest speaker (Dec 2010) was Racheal James ICD nurse specialist based at UHW. Racheal explained that there were 3 nurse specialists and most of us would have met them at one time or another –  the other two nurses are Mandie and Cath.

Even though they all work in the same department and their work overlaps they also play different, independant roles as well.

Mandie helped to start this service and newly diagnosed patients will generally meet her at some point. Cath is involved with screening patients who have been identified as having a genetic cause to their problems and Racheal works with patients who have a variety of cardiac arrythmia’s and also monitors effects of different medications used by the department.

Racheal bought various types of devices that had been used over the years and we saw that compared to today’s devices the older models which were placed in the abdomen were really quite bulky and heavy.

Our discussion then progressed to the patient identification card which every ICD patient should always carry with them. Racheal explained that in the U.S. the cards were designed like credit cards and the info could be swiped if needed. Unfortunately for us, ours are long, thick cards and it was suggested that if they were photocopied then it would make them less bulky to carry around.

The photo taken at the meeting from l-r is Deb Cooper (treasurer), Racheal James (icd nurse specialist), Jan Hillman ( cardiac rehab team, Nevill Hall) and Mike Morgan (chairman)


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