In the event of an emergency it is always wise to carry some form of identification in order that the emergency services can give the appropriate help.

There are a number of web sites out there that offer medical I.D. jewellery.

The first site that I came across was the S.O.S talisman web page and the address is The site sells all type of jewellery and hopefully would ensure that the emergency services would be alerted to whatever medical problem that you suffer from.

The second site that I became aware of can be found at   The medicAlert organisation is a non profitmaking registered charity and also sells various items of jewellery. The jewellery has the MedicAlert symbol on the front and is engraved with your personal I.D. number and 24 hour emergency number on the rear. You are also issued with a MedicAlert card.

Individuals may well consider purchasing these products for their own peace of mind. In the event of a collapse and inablity to provide the information required to the health providers these items could literally save your life.

The above picture is an example of the medicalert card and necklet.


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