A.G.M. Sept 2011

Gwentdefibbers used Llanfoist Village Hall for the first time today. What a fantastic place!

It’s a purpose built hall which opened as a community centre in 2006. Everything looked so clean and pleasant. The building has disabled access, fantastic kitchen facilities and the toilet area was just off from the main hall.

You could easily pass by in error because of all the country lanes but if anyone does want directions then please leave a message and we will ensure that someone gets back to you. For those with sat navs the post code is NP7 9LP.

We said hello to a few new members and then Mike explained to everyone how the group had grown over the past 2 years and what we had achieved. We then decided to start the voting process to determine who was who over the coming year.

Here goes…….

Mike was voted in again as chairman.


Deb was voted in again as treasurer.


We welcomed Sandra Davies in as new secretary. Sandra works for GAVO and can bring a lot of experience to the role of secretary, she also has a personal interest in the support group because her husband Jeff suffers with cardiac arrhythmia and has had an I.C.D. implant


and last but not least we welcomed new member Roger as part of our committee support team.


ooops hang on, I forgot me….the blogger!!

Gwentdefibbers would also like to say a huge thank you to Jan and Andrea, part of the Nevill Hall rehab team who continue to guide us and offer support.

Jan Hillman

 Andrea Ellaway

Remember folks we need as many people as possible to support our group. It will involve approx 2 hours of your time to attend a meeting with the cardiac rehab group and ICD members in Nevill Hall every 6 – 8 weeks and then we have our I.C.D. group meeting once every quarter.

You DO NOT have to suffer cardiac disease to offer volunteer support.

Don’t be shy, give it a try……


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