Hopeful plan for A.E.D. in Tredegar

Mike has been a busy boy of late !

He has been working hard to try to have a A.E.D. (Automatic external defibrillator) situated near the Tredegar town centre.

The importance of the A.E.D.’s should not be underestimated. They have been recognised as life saving pieces of equipment.

Mike has liaised with the Arhythmia Alliance and Communities First (Tredegar) to establish what exactly was required and where it is best situated.

The Communities First (various towns) is a Welsh Assembly initiative to “improve the living conditions and prospects for individuals in parts of Wales”. They work with businesses, statutory bodies and volunteer groups to form a partnership and try to make things happen.

One of the themes of the group is health and well being, hence the involvement of Gwentdefibbers. You can find out more about the communities first initiatives at www.communities1st.co.uk or phone 01495712060 or email to admin@communities1st.co.uk

Hopefully we will have an update regarding the A.E.D. at our next group meeting and then I can tell you how things are progressing.


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