General update Nov 2011

We had a support group meeting yesterday which was very well attended and we welcomed some new members into the group as well.

Once again everyone commented on the lovely surroundings and fantastic community centre in Llanfoist.

The community centre has a induction loop facility for those that require it. If anybody needs it for future meetings can they please inform us a day or two before hand and we will ensure that it is turned on.

Mike, Sandra and Deb briefly discussed what had been happening since our last meeting……..

The A.E.D (automatic external defibrillator) –  Mike continues to liaise with the Welsh Assembly regarding the grant for this important piece of equipment. Unfortunately the area in Tredegar town centre which had been selected to hold this item is no longer suitable so Mike is discussing with the Tredegar Tesco management whether or not the A.E.D can be stored there.

The meeting with the Ambulance Trust & allied health professionals was deemed a success. A lot of information via the Gwentdefibbers was passed onto them in order to raise awareness of the support group. Mike informed us that the South Wales Ambulance Service only has 2 magnets (which are used if the device delivers inappropriate shocks) which was scarey to hear !! The Service is hoping to resolve this problem shortly.

NHS Direct (Wales) has taken information about our support group and they will use this on their website.

The updated Gwentdefibbers contact cards have now been printed and sent out to appropriate clinics, wards etc throughout South Wales and this will be passed onto individuals who are going to or have had ICD implants.

The ICD nurse specialists at UHW are considering whether or not to form a support group for younger people who are going to or have had ICD implants. We will hear more about this in the future.

The support group is trying to obtain T-shirts/ polo shirts with the Gwentdefibbers design printed on them. We were shown the design printed on various coloured fabrics and we look forward to the end result. The fabric itself is very good quality and the cost of each shirt will be approximately £10.

Sandra has mailed the local MP and AM and invited them to future meetings so that the issues of sudden cardiac death and the gwentdefibbers profile will be raised. Both have agreed to attend a meeting in the future.

We are now in possession of the DVD entitled “The beat goes on” which is issued by the BHF. It is designed with families and carers in mind and is a very good, informative DVD. If anyone would like to borrow it then please contact Sandra (contact details to the right of this page) or it can be purchased directly from the BHF.

Deb is now in possession of the laptop and has informed everyone that they can to view the accounts at any time.

Roger has organised a host of speakers for end of year and 2012 and details will be given nearer the dates.


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