S.O.S. & Ebbw Vale Rotary Club

We were very pleased to hand out dozens of S.O.S. message in a bottle.

Gwentdefibbers liaised with the Rotary club of Ebbw Vale and they kindly gave us as many of these as we required for our I.C.D.group members.

It’s a simple idea but it could save your life. The instructions are available on the sheets printed here.

Once the information sheet is completed it is folded in half and placed in a plastic container, approximately 5″ high, the lid is placed on it and the container is kept in the fridge door. IF more information sheets are required then please let me know and I will pass them onto you.

DON’T FORGET to place the one sticky back green cross near the handle of your front door and the other one on your fridge door.

It’s very reassuring to have this info at hand because we all panic if an ambulance is required and this way you can be certain of the correct information being given to the appropriate person.

Once again a big thank you to the Rotary club of Ebbw Vale.

Remember to click on the item of interest to enlarge the picture.


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