March 2012 meeting update

Notes of the meeting held on Saturday 31st March 2012 at

Llanfoist Village Hall, Nr Abergavenny.


Mike Morgan (Chair)  (MM)

Sandra Davies (Secretary) (SD)

Deb Cooper (Treasurer) (DC)

Roger Cockbill (Speaker Co-ordinator) (RC)


Andy Penney (AP)

1.Welcome & Apologies:

Mike welcomed all to today’s meeting.  He introduced Andy Penney from UHW who would be giving us a talk on ICD’s.  Nina Humphries from Swansea University who was due to attend today’s meeting had sent her apologies.

2.Chairman’s Report:

MM requested that all members return their completed membership forms, so that the correct information was being kept on the Gwent Defibbers database.

MM suggested to the meeting that the group could invite patients with pacemakers along to these meetings.  After a brief discussion, AP advised that it would be better to continue as we are at present, as each implant need was different.  It was agreed to continue with ICD’s.

MM informed the meeting that AED’s were being put in Tredegar due to the success of the Communities First Trust Fund grant.  The group are now able to purchase 2 devices which will be situated at either end of the town.  A big launch event is to be held on Wednesday 27th April at 6.30pm at Bedwellty House.  Members were asked if they would like to undergo the training to ensure they let Mike or Sandra know a.s.a.p., as places were limited.

MM reported that the venue was being paid for and there was a chance of there being 2 training days being put on by the Ambulance Service to educate the public on AED’s.

MM reported on a recent press release where a 12 year old boy died due to there being no AED in a public Building. At this point SD asked members present to keep an eye open when they are out and about, to see if there are AED’s in their local areas.  She reported that the local train station at Caerphilly had an AED.

MM reported that funding had been secured totalling over £245.  The committee demonstrated the polo shirts that had been sponsored by Gemtime Jewellers, and members could purchase the poloshirts for £10 each.

MM reported that the group would be visiting Re-start a similar group to Gwent Defibbers but based at Swansea (the group cover the South West of Wales) on Saturday 16th June.  Please give your name to Deb if your interested in attending, so that the committee could book the correct sized transport to the meeting.

MM informed the meeting that there was now a new Cardiologist – John Huish based a Neville Hall.  A discussion took place and hopefully ICD’s will be checked from Neville Hall in the not too distant future.

MM reported that the group had secured the rental of the hall at a discounted price.

MM reported that during 21st – 27th May – Arrhythmia Awareness Week, the committee were looking at having tables in local supermarkets to publicise Arrhythmia problems.  MM would contact Caroline Holmes to arrange for the necessary publicity.

3.Secretary’s Report:

At this point SD thanked Mike for all his hard work over the last few months in securing funding for the group, and working closely with Communities First on the arrangements for the AED training and securing funding.

SD reported that there had been a newsletter produced and that there were copies for the members to take with them today.  She would ensure that members who were missing today’s meeting would also obtain a copy.

4. Treasurers Report:

DC gave a breakdown of Gwent Defibbers account:

Expenditure to date £1,166.84 balance £3,517.78

Big Lottery Grant  Expenditure to date £1,108.76 balance £618.24

DC reminded members that a charge of £1 per person was being made to ensure the sustainability of the group.  SD explained that although the group had received a Big Lottery Grant the group would be unable to apply again for the same items.

DC informed the meeting that the group are looking to hold a raffle at the next meeting to help towards raising fund for the group. A discussion took place where members agreed to bring along prizes for the raffle.

5. Speaker Co-ordinator:

RC explained that dates had already been discussed (please see breakdown below).  It was confirmed that Mandie Welch Arrhythmia Nurse would be in attendance at the next meeting.

RC read through future dates.

7. Date and time of next meeting:

MM confirmed that those interested in attending the Restart meeting would meet on the 16th June 2012 please ensure you give your name to Deb or Sandra.


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