The Lifesavers are here!

Last week saw the arrival in Tredegar of two A.E.D.’s otherwise known as external defibrillators.

The following information has been copied from the Gwent Gazette –

Tredegar is the first town in Blaenau Gwent to have ready access to this specialist life saving equipment. The 2 A.E.D.’s will be situated at the top and bottom of town, one in Betfred and the other in Wetherspoon’s. These sites were chosen because they tend to stay open for longer periods of time than the other places.

Shopkeepers from around Tredegar will attend a training day and will then be able to display a sticker in their shop window to inform people that there is a trained individual on the premises.

The purchase of the 2 A.E.D.’s has been made possible by the Communities First Tredegar group and the I.C.D. support group “Gwentdefibbers”. “The £2,265 grant which was made available will be money worth spent even if we manage to save one life”, said Mike Morgan chairman of the Gwentdefibbers.

18 shopkeepers have expressed an interest in the relevant training and will be able to participate in the training given by the Ambulance Service.

Sarah James, Communities First Development Officer explained that any anxiety by individuals that the devices can be misused can be allayed because the A.E.D.’s have a security code which seals the box and the paddles constantly monitor the person to ensure that it is used at the right time.

The collapse of Fabrice Muamba has made many people aware that defibrillators can make a difference.

We wish them well.


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