A.E.D’s & other stuff (Dec 2012)

Due to the group purchasing AED’s for use in the community it was suggested that a member of the Welsh Ambulance Service come to speak to us to show the group how simple it was to use.

Gareth Morris (speaker) gave a presentation and demonstrated how easy to use it was.

He advised…. If a member of the public rings 999…

** start administering first aid

** the ambulance service will be able to tell the public where the nearest AED is located.

** the AED will only activate if the patient has gone into an arrhythmia state.

Robert Williams (speaker)

Unfortunately Sandra received a message on her way to the meeting to say that Mr Williams was unable to attend due to a family emergency. One of the topics that Mr Williams was going to speak about was “home monitoring”. In the event Mike updated members regarding his home monitoring system ehich he has been using for the past couple of months.

His monitor is called MERLIN and it monitors his ICD every day at 2am. Mike explained each light and function on the box. As the test occurs at 2am he is unaware that it has checked the device. The results are then transferred to UHW.

Some members have a wand system which they use to monitor their ICD’s.


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