Notes of meeting (8th Dec 2012)

Mike Morgan (chairman) welcomed everyone to the meeting.

He gave an update of the last meeting:

* The committee had attended  the Arrhythmia Alliance Conference in Birmingham. At the conference Gwent Defibbers was mentioned as a good support group. There were a number og guest speakers from all over the UK and the committee bought back lots of tips. These tips were published under headings (well being self assessment tool, Flu Jab & keeping warm and well).

*  Mike has produced “sticky labels” for members to stick on their covers of the ICD cards to remind family and friends to ask for a copy of ECG from ambulance / A& E depts.

* A donation of an advertising banner has been promised from a company called “Pink Panther”. The group hasn’t to date received the banner but a big thank you goes to Jon Stephens (managing director) for his kind donation.

* Sandra informed the meeting that the group are looking to contact Pink Panther to find out the cost of producing an information folder. A grant will be applied for. The folders will be available to new ICD patients and will be full of information regarding the group and other information eg/ contact list, BHF leaflets etc.

* To date a total of 54 community members are trained to use AED’S (automatic external defibrillators) in Tredegar. Mike gave an update on the location of the AED’s and informed the meeting that the one in Gemtime jewellers would be moved to the new public house The Cambrian which is open for longer hours. The AED’s are also taken to the “Little Theatre” when there are performances on…..just in case.


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