Newsletter (23/3/2013)

Here is an update from our last meeting on Saturday 23rd March 2013 held at OAP Hall, Abergavenny.

Chairman’s Report:.

A grant application had been submitted to Big Lottery Fund (Awards for All Wales), to purchase folders and booklets which will be given to new patients who are having an ICD fitted.  The folder is similar to the one used by Restart and ICD group based in Swansea.  The booklet will be giving information on what to do, who to contact, and about Gwent Defibbers.

Mike has received his new driving licence.  The process  began with verifying information from the hospital, cardiologist etc., Mike informed the meeting that the DVLA would like to attend one of our meetings to talk to members about the rules associated with having an ICD fitted.

Arrhythmia week 3-9th June 2013.  Mike informed the meeting that the theme this year is – Defibrillators in Towns. Mike gave an update on another venue in Tredgar at Bedwellty House who are purchasing an AED.  Mike requested any ideas for the group to raise awareness of the need for AED’s in the community.


Deb reported that the group had a balance of £817.46 in the bank. Deb thanked a number of people for their kind donations.

A donation of £20 had been received from Gemtime Jewellers and the Secretary was instructed to send a letter of thanks.

Next Meeting: Saturday 22nd June 2013

Speakers (to be confirmed): Pharmacist, DVLA, Anna – St Judes

Note: Secretary has tried to contact Alex but he has moved, so the group are currently looking for another Pharmacist to come to speak to the group.

Revised Speakers for June meeting:

Anna St Judes ICD Manufacturer & Robert Williams – Specialist Cardiac Physiologist