Cardiac Rehabilitation

Guest Speaker:

Due to illness Anna from St Judes had rang Sandra that morning to apologise for not attending the meeting.

Cheryl Palfrey (Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse) stepped in to talk to the group about Rehabilitation.

Cheryl is based and works out of County Hospital in Pontypool.  She has been a Cardiac Rehabilitation nurse for 5 years.

She reported that there has been an increase in ICD implants for secondary and primary prevention.

The Rehabilitation programme covers issues such as anxiety, stress, exercise and suggests different coping methods.  Currently she supports Phase 3 and Phase 4.  Phase 4 continues out in the community.

The following questions were asked by members:

Q. I feel confident to push myself a little harder than what I am expected to do at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Class – why can’t I be allowed to work harder?

A. The Cardiac Nurse has been given a specific details of what has caused the different Cardiac problems.  Therefore the Nurse needs to work to a specific level.  The patient and teacher need to work together.

Q. Can family members attend the Classes?

A. The family members cannot take part in the class, but are very welcome to come along and watch.  The reason for this is that family members medical conditions are not known, and because of safety need to watch and not take part.

Q. The cost of the classes are increasing, and some areas are finding that private or local authority run gyms are taking over classes – this is affecting some of the sizes of groups – who should be bearing the cost of these classes?

A. Discussion

Q. How do members get onto the programme?

A. They need to be referred by the Cardiac Nurse, if members feel they need to attend this class please contact your Cardiac Nurse.

Between 130 ICD’s were fitted in University of Wales Hospital (UHW).  2 ICD’s have been fitted in Royal Glamorgan.  It has been reported that a Baby in Bristol has also been fitted with an ICD.

Home Monitoring is increasing.  Mike had his yearly check at UHW (Feb 2013) and wont need to attend hospital until Feb 2014 (if all remains well).

Mike informed the meeting that if members are on home monitoring there is no need to take monitor away on holidays with you. (Normal 2 weeks etc.,)


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