‘Flu Vaccine

It’s that time of year…..again!

Flu season is almost upon us.

Information regarding signs and symptoms of the flu can be found here  http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Flu/Pages/Symptoms.aspx

The Welsh National Assembly Government are offering advise regarding the ‘Flu vaccine. More details can be found here…    http://wales.gov.uk/topics/health/cmo/publications/cmo/2014/flu2014-15/?lang=en

Each year, individuals are offered a vaccine to protect against different strains of the ‘flu virus. Public health Wales http://www.wales.nhs.uk/sites3/page.cfm?orgid=457&pid=25480  informs us that it offers very good protection and is approximately 70-80% reliable.

The vaccine is effective for a year.


It is particularly recommended for –

* Those aged 65 and over.

*Those who are pregnant

*Those living in care homes or other long stay facility ie/ prisons.

*Those who may be a main carer for someone whose welfare may be at risk if you become unwell.

*Health or social care workers

…& for those with a serious medical condition such as –

*Chronic respiratory disease ie: Asthma

*Chronic heart disease ie: Heart failure

*Chronic kidney disease

*Chronic liver disease

*Chronic neuro disease ie: T.I.A., stroke


* Those with a weakened immune system.

For further advice please speak with your G.P and / or your practice nurse.



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