Sudden Cardiac Arrest

A sudden cardiac arrest is when a person’s heart stops beating without warning. They will collapse and lose consciousness. Many hundreds of people in the UK die from sudden cardiac arrest each year.

This collapse requires immediate treatment in order to get the heart beating again and to reduce the risk of causing permanent damage and / or death.

You must keep calm and

* Dial 999

* Commence CPR

* If an AED (automatated external defibrillator) is available use it.

* The ambulance crew will continue treatment on arrival and then transfer the person to hospital.


First Aid….

It is recommended that everyone is familiar with CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation).

CPR can literally save lives.

Anyone can learn these skills and it will be worth finding out from your local doctor’s surgery or St John’s Ambulance  where the nearest classes are.

More information regarding sudden cardiac arrest  can be found on the Arrhythmia Alliance website at


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