Saving Lives: Mike & the Minister

Enclosed is a photo of Chairman Mike with Vaughan Gething AM,, and accompanied  by the Communications Officer from Welsh Ambulance Trust and a friend from the British Heart Foundation.

The photo was taken in the Senedd, Cardiff.

The Senedd, also known as the National Assembly for Wales, is the building where the Welsh Government Ministers debate issues affecting the Principality. You can find out more here…

The meeting was called to discuss the possibility of situating AED’s (automated external defibrillators) in all public places throughout Wales. The Deputy Minister for Health wanted to discuss issues from various perspectives.

The Welsh Ambulance Trust were concerned that whilst these devices are beneficial some individuals / organisations are purchasing them but not informing the authorities where they are actually situated. This could potentially mean wasted lifesaving minutes.

A visit to the Trust website will take you to an online notification form which will help the ambulance staff whenever they receive a 999 call, more info here

We will continue to offer updates regarding the progress of this scheme.

mike WAG


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