ICD’s and Home Monitoring

GwentDefibbers would like to thank Robert Williams for attending the June 2015 support group meeting.

Robert is a Highly Specialist Cardiac Physiologist in Cardiac rhythm management and works within Aneurin Bevan Health Trust.

mike & robert williams

Robert showed us various ICD’s  and we were able to note the differences which had taken place over the years. He explained the device was now ergonomically designed which was of benefit to all of us.

From google –

Ergonomic design ensures that people’s capabilities and limitations are taken into account in the design process of an item and that the end product is fit for use by the target users.

We discussed the monitors and were made aware that they are usually in ‘idle mode’ until ‘switched on’ at a pre arranged time, usually when we were at rest.

An example of a home monitor


The information from the device was then sent to a very secure site. Any abnormality that was noted would send an alert to our medical teams.

It is now possible to contact the Physiology Department if we are particularly concerned about our heart rhythm. In this instance we would send data to them and they could offer appropriate advice.


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