What do I ask my doctor?

You’re probably reading this blog because you or someone close to you, has been diagnosed with an arrhythmia and may have to or already have had an ICD.

It can be a very scary time and it’s wise to use your appointment time with the doctor / nurse specialist to ensure that any questions you have can be answered so as to set your mind at rest.

If, like me, you feel fully prepared and know what to ask but as soon as you sit in the office the mind goes blank then you may find the following helpful…


Remember, no question is a silly question. Don’t be afraid to ask.

The team will be professional and if they can’t answer a question they are sure to know someone that can.

Write your questions down. A lot of professionals find this helps to guide them as well.

Tests :-

What are the tests called?

What are they looking for?

Any special preparations required?

Any side effects associated with them?

When will I obtain the results?


What is the name of the illness?

Where can I find more information about it?

Are there support groups for this ?

Should my family be tested and if so what family members ie/ siblings, children etc…

Is it possible to have more than one type of syndrome?


Do I need to take these medicines for life?

Side effects?

You will probably have many more issues to discuss with the doctor or nurse but these questions may help a little….

At the end of your appointment you can ask for clarification on any points that have been raised.

Good luck with your appointments






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