Heart Failure

With many thanks to Cheryl and Sarah, (heart failure nurses), for attending our January 2016 meeting. Much appreciated.

What is heart failure?

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart has lost the ability to pump enough blood to the body’s tissues at the right pressure.

The heart will require assistance to help it do its job properly.

What are the symptoms?
They may include –
*Shortness of breath when active and at rest
*Fatigue and general weakness
*Swelling of legs, ankles and / or feet
*Fast heartbeat
*Irregular heartbeat
How is heart failure diagnosed?
*Doctors will obtain a full medical history
*Bloods will be taken for various tests.
*Chest x rays may be taken.
*Echo cardiogram may be performed
All tests will be discussed with you, your doctor and nurses.
What treatment (s) are available?
Treatment may include
*Advice regarding lifestyle changes
Much more information regarding heart failure can be obtained via NHS Choices http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/heart-failure/Pages/Introduction.aspx
Remember, you can always make arrangements to speak with your doctors, nurses and  / or pharmacist for more information.

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