Post ICD help

A question here from Andrea and would be grateful for input….

I had a defibrillator fitted 30/12/15 first check end of this month when does
the tiredness go away? 

The community care team want to check if I need any help, does any one have or
need any support?

3 thoughts on “Post ICD help

  1. I suppose we all react differently.
    Personally speaking I felt utterly exhausted post ICD and wondered whether or not it might been because of all the anxiety & stress before it was fitted perhaps taking its toll?

  2. Do you attend cardiac rehab? I found them very helpful with lots of ideas. Plenty of people to chat to as well

  3. I have had I.c.d.for nearly 12 years I am on my 3rd one .the tiredness will go away being,, being worried is a big factor . I found keeping a diary. Helps so when you have bad days you can look back at the good days ,come to our meetings to meet our people with I.c.d.s if you would like chat phone me on 01495 711658. Mike

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