CHD Patient Information Letter

Thank you to Dr. Edwards for involving our group.

Dr A. Edwards is a Caerphilly G.P., and is in the process of organising leaflets to be sent to patients inviting them to come to Coronary Heart Disease reviews.

He would like input from the group to ensure that the leaflets sent out are appropriate. Please feel free to leave comments …..

Leaflet to accompany CHD annual review Invite

Having the right care is essential for the wellbeing of all patients with Coronary Heart Disease. There is a minimum level of healthcare that every person with Coronary Heart Disease deserves and can expect.

If you aren’t getting all the care you need, take this checklist with you to your annual review and discuss it with them.

Here’s a quick guide to the  essential checks and support you should be getting:

  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients who have had a heart attack or bypass surgery should have had the opportunity to attend a cardiac rehabilitation course. These courses should help you understand and manage your condition.
  • Blood pressureHave your blood pressure measured and recorded at least once a year, and set a personal target that is right for you.
  • Cholesterol levelsHave your blood fats (such as cholesterol) measured every year. You should have your own target that is realistic and achievable.
  • Kidney function testIt is recommended that every patient with Heart Disease has their kidney function recorded at least once a year. Many of the medications used to treat heart disease can affect kidney function.
  • Blood glucose levels These should be measured at least once a year as well.
  • Stop smoking support Patients with heart disease who smoke should be getting advice and support on how to quit.
  • Weight checkPatients with heart disease should also have regular weight checks as well as having their waist measured to see if they need to lose weight. The practice can advise regarding services available to help with weight loss.
  • Exercise Patients with heart disease can be referred to local exercise referral schemes.
  • Care planning Patients with Heart Disease should receive a yearly care plan from their healthcare team that includes their needs and health targets.



One thought on “CHD Patient Information Letter

  1. Hi Dr Edwards, I think this leaflet is excellent and would be very helpful to your patients. We often get panicky when visiting the doctor and I feel that this leaflet would help us focus on the important points.

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