Call, Push, Rescue

Mike has recently received several CALL, PUSH, RESCUE packs from the BHF.

These are ‘miniature’ Annie resuscitation dummies which are used to teach CPR.


The ‘dolls’ pack neatly away in the red bags and are easily inflated when required for teaching.

He has visited several primary schools in the area as well as Tredegar Secondary school raising awareness of CPR and has had excellent feedback.


More funds were required in order to purchase new batteries for the AED’s and consequently Mike approached the local branch of Barclays Bank. They organised a donation bucket and Barclays clients have been very supportive with their donations. Mike also took to the street with a bucket and an AED battery so that people knew exactly what the money was going to buy…. Again the public have been fantastic. The money raised means that two more batteries can now be purchased.

Thank you from GwentDefibbers to Tredegar branch of Barclays Bank, Adrian Tuck of TUXAN, Sue Woodward of Ruggerbugs, Ron Skinner & sons, Shopkeepers of Tredegar, Tredegar general public and last but not least the British Heart Foundation.


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