The ICD – now & in the future

Many thanks to Anna Morgan UK CRM product Specialist Manager (St Jude) for giving the support group a very informative chat last Saturday. A BIG thank you to the two lads (Cameron and Mackson) for their help. They were excellent.

Anna, pictured here with Jeff and Mike


Anna explained that prior to working for St Jude she had previous knowledge of working as an electro physiologist and was very familiar with all types of cardiac devices.

It has been estimated that the cost of worldwide research will be at least 1 trillion pounds by 2030. St Jude has been at the forefront of research.

Anna gave the group a brief history of the ICD and we were able to appreciate all the work that goes on in the background which is carried out by researchers and technicians.

Some of the designs that are currently being reviewed include:-

  • ICD’s which are MRI friendly
  • Remote monitoring devices
  • expanding the battery life of the devices
  • minimising the risks of patients receiving inappropriate shocks

The future plans of the company involve;-

  • leadless ICD’s
  • ‘No pocket’ ICD’s
  •  10 – 18 year lifespan of ICD
  • Connecting via bluetooth

last but not least

  • an app which would be used instead of the home monitoring devices which are currently being used.




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