Fitting the ICD

Many thanks to Dr. John Huish for attending the support group meeting and giving us lots of information regarding the fitting of our ICD’s.

Dr Huish


Here, a condensed version of the lecture..


  • Those who have a family history of sudden death
  • Those who may have suffered a SCA
  • Those who may have damaged their heart as a result of heart attack


The room has a team of health care personnel to help take care of us and they include:-

Medical staff, day case nurses, procedure room nurse, cardiac physiologists, pacemaker rep, radiologist, ICD nurse specialist, Porters,


includes a 12 lead ECG, external defibrillator pads are positioned on chest, BP/pulse oximetry are recorded, a log of events is recorded, a special procedure tray is made ready  and equipment / drugs are readily available should they be required.


includes a physical examination, medical records, awareness of drug regime and allergies. Special note will be made of infections, kidney disease, previous mastectomy, valve disease as well as any other problems which may affect the patient and the implant.

*The patient will then have a cannula situated in the hand / arm in readiness for fluids and medications which may be administered.

*Intravenous antibiotics are usually administered pre- procedure.

*Sedation may be administered.

*General anaesthetic may be administered to those individuals who are neurologically impaired.

*Informed consent – doctor will explain benefits, risks, lifestyle changes


Medical staff make a pocket in order to plosition the ICD , leads are attached and then checked by cardio physiologists, generator is connected.

ICD checked

Return to ward and thereafter a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Prior to returning home a X Ray will be performed  and the wound inspected. The physiologists will visit with his machine and ensure that settings are correct for that individual.

Patient will then receive a follow up appointment and usually is discharged home at that point.



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