Be Aware: Remote Monitoring Phishing Scam

I’ve copied this to raise awareness regarding a phishing scam which is currently tragetting individuals with ICD remote monitoring.


Fwd: FW: Important: phishing scam for remote monitoring – please read

British Heart Rhythm Society

PO Box 3697

Stratford Upon Avon


CV37 8YL

✆ +44 (0) 1789 867 526


Dear colleagues,

I need to draw your attention to a phishing scam that is happening to patients with remote monitoring.

I have been alerted by a cardiologist that a patient received a phone call from an individual saying that the “box/equipment” was not working due to “dust.”  The patient was offered the opportunity to replace it and offered the option of purchasing a five year warranty for £140 or a lifetime warranty for £167.  The patient believed the call was genuine and paid £167.  He then called the hospital to check the “problem had been fixed.”

The NHS Counter Fraud team is aware of this but there have been other instances of this happening around the country.

I am writing to make you aware of this so you can notify your patients and colleagues to be alert to this. The manufacturers and MHRA are aware of this.

Best wishes,

Nick Linker MD

President, BHRS



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