Restart A Heart Day

Restart A Heart Day: 18 October 2016

Time: Whenever suits YOU

Where: In your school hall, gym or classroom


Dear Mike,

I learnt CPR in one of my lessons at school. That lesson had a massive impact on my life.

I was sitting next to my dad on the bed, and suddenly he fell to the floor. I didn’t know what to do and my mind was panicking.

Then I remembered what my teacher had taught me and I started doing CPR. I called the ambulance and cradled the phone between my neck and my ear. My arms were aching. I was sweating. But I kept on doing CPR.

Dad is recovering in hospital now, I go to see him every day.

I’ve since found out that the British Heart Foundation is trying to get every school child in the country to learn CPR. And Restart a Heart Day is the biggest training yet.

100,000 people learning CPR skills. Imagine how many lives could be saved as a result.

That lesson has had a massive impact on our family’s life. If not for that lesson I wouldn’t still have my dad.

Thank you for helping train even more people in CPR – it’s so important.


Read more about Sarah’s story here…



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