Individuals from Wales with Arrhythmia After A Heart Attack

Mike has asked me to share this letter from Rebecca at BHF Cymru.

Hi Mike,

BHF Cymru funded researchers have published a brand new paper where they have discovered that a particular group of cells are found in the scar tissue left behind after a heart attack, that could play a significant role in causing irregular heart rhythm, or ventricular tachycardia.

I will be publicising this paper next week with the Welsh media in line with the start of British Science Week and ideally would love to be able to raise awareness of this condition by featuring the story of someone who has direct experience of arrhythmia after having a heart attack.

If there is any member of your group that would be happy to share their story with me, please do get in touch via email on morganr or comment below.

Thank you so much in advance.

Kindest regards


Rebecca Morgan
Communications and Engagement Manager
British Heart Foundation
Sophia House | 28 Cathedral Road
Caerdydd Cardiff | CF11 9LJ
DD: 02920 382406
Mob: 07823 353998

Heart disease can kill when you least expect it
But with research there is hope. Together we can beat heart disease.
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