About us

When our support group was just starting out it was suggested that we choose a name that would represent our locality and would be easily identifiable to everyone, hence the name – GwentDefibbers.

Since then however, we frequently have contact with people who have ICD’s here and overseas.

Please feel free to contact us or leave comments on our blog posts regardless of where you are from 🙂





There are many different people,

who have joined our little club!

We carry a metal box, it sits close within our chest,

always alert and ready, to do it’s level best.

It holds the key to a magic trick, which when needed may give a surprising kick!

With checks and worries along the way,

where a phone call to a friend, will brighten your day.

So, come on! Join our little club,

Where friends are waiting to meet.

Unique in its membership

and where you’ll always have a seat….

Author Deb Cooper

Pictured here Deb Cooper (treasurer) & Mike Morgan (chairman)