About Gwent Defibbers Support Group.


Gwent Defibbers is an ICD / CRTD Support Group for patients and their partners in the South East Wales area. The group support patients who have an ICD / CRTD fitted. Partners are also welcome to come along. We meet every three months, where guest speakers are invited to talk about subjects that have been requested by our members.

The group is affiliated to the British Heart Foundation.

What happens at the Support Group?

The group holds meetings four times a year. Normally the meetings are held in January, April, May, and September.

Guest speakers are invited to talk at each meeting. The Committee gives an update on what has been happening since the last meeting. At the end of each meeting, there is an opportunity for members to chat with each other over a cup of tea and some cake.

What should I expect from a support group?

*Expect and be prepared that at times you may feel vulnerable, emotional and uncomfortable.

*Expect to be heard.

*Expect to have questions answered (if we can).

*Make friends.

*Expect an environment that allows you a level of comfort to suit you.


Why should I consider attending a support group?

*A chance to meet people with a similar interest or concern.

*To learn more about my anxiety or illness in order to help myself.

*To help me understand and come to terms with my illness.

*Allows me the opportunity to express my feelings amongst people who are experiencing similar feelings.

*YOU may be able to help others which can be psychologically beneficial to you.




There are many different people,

who have joined our little club!

We carry a metal box, it sits close within our chest,

always alert and ready, to do it’s level best.

It holds the key to a magic trick, which when needed may give a surprising kick!

With checks and worries along the way,

where a phone call to a friend, will brighten your day.

So, come on! Join our little club,

Where friends are waiting to meet.

Unique in its membership

and where you’ll always have a seat….

Author Deb Cooper

Pictured here Deb Cooper & Mike Morgan (chairman)