Post ICD help

A question here from Andrea and would be grateful for input….

I had a defibrillator fitted 30/12/15 first check end of this month when does
the tiredness go away? 

The community care team want to check if I need any help, does any one have or
need any support?

The physiology dept… The ICD

Andy Penny is chief physiologist at University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff and many of us will recognise him from when we have our devices checked.


AP showed the audience the size of the first ICD fitted, and the current ICD.  AP suggested that the audience ask questions as he went along.

The following are a selection of the questions asked:

Q. Although the ICD had been fitted on the left side of the body – could it be moved?

A. Yes, If it was causing a lot of restrictions and discomfort

Q. How long does the battery in the ICD last?

A. Depends on how often the ICD gives a shock – between 5 and 8 years.  This is only a guide as each individual is different.

Q. What is the average age of a person being fitted with an ICD?

A. UHQ are fitting ICD’s into babies who are demonstrating Arrhythmia problems.

MM thanked Andy for a very interesting Q&A session